Glenwood Foods Saves Over $20,000 A Year By Switching Processors

We are happy to welcome Glenwood Foods to the Dependable Solutions family!

Glenwood Foods is a Family Owned and operated Discount Grocery Store based in Ephrata Pa. Visit them today to Discover why locally owned and family operated they are the grocery shopping destination for customers who value quality and appreciate savings. 

Unlike some small discount stores that offer only a limited selection of grocery items, Glenwood Foods offers the full range of departments you would expect to find in a supermarket but without their super high prices!

Glenwood Foods felt very comfortable to process the customers credit cards through Santandar Bank until they found out they were paying much higher fees then they should be. 

Amos began conversations with Dependable Solutions after the owner Derek Weidman stepped in to talk with him about what Dependable Solutions could offer. Taking advantage of the DepSol Challenge they found out could save over $20,000 in one year on processing fees. 

 If you think your business is paying to high of fees every month to process Credit Cards, contact us today and take the Depsol Challenge to see how much you can start saving! 

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