Furniture Store In East Earl Learns of Check Processing



Cleason Reiff's grew up watching his father create a build furniture. So at a young age he developed a passion to build and craft quality home furniture for people to enjoy.

In the year 2000 he decided to open a full retail store at his home farm in East Earl Pa selling his quality furniture. He converted one of his barns into a retail shop and began to stock it with furniture.

As his business began to grow, he noticed the need to grow with the times and implement credit card processing. Susquehanna Bank came in and took care of his needs.

Over the years he began to get a few bad checks from here and there and quickly started to wonder if there was a way to process checks the way he processes credit cards to eliminate bad deposits. He began to reach out to Susquehanna Bank to get answeres and he could not get any clear answers.

Around that time he became aware of Dependable Solutions and the programs we offer. He was excited to hear to knowledge of the industry and the ability to process checks & Credit cards through one machine. 

Along with saving C&S Furniture over $100.00 a month in processing fees we are happy to meet their needs with processing checks the same way.  


If you are tired of bad checks and would like to hear how we can set you up with Check Processing through Telecheck, contact us today! 

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