Esh Foods In Gordonville Pa Saves $36,000 A Year By Leaving National Penn Merchant Services

Esh Foods in Gordonville Pa has been processing their credit cards through Dependable Solutions for the past few months. As with every new customer we offer to go over their first few months statements together. This way we can establish trust, and build on a business relationship with our customers. 

Today was one of those days with Esh Foods in Gordonville Pa. We sat down to evaluate the savings that they could expect to see and to their surprise we saved them over $3,000 for the month. That is over $36,000 in a years time. This is the very reason we exist as a business. 

Esh Foods was happy to process their Credit Cards through their local bank National Penn Bank. However when they learned of the overcharges and high rates that were passed onto them , they gave Dependable Solutions a chance to save them money and I don't have to tell you that they are very happy that they did. 

If you own a business, i want you to ask yourself these 5 Questions:

1) Am I Being Charged Higher Rates Than I Should?

2) Are We Building Tomorrow's Business By Saving Today? 

3) What Could I Do With A 60% Savings?

4) When Was The Last Time I Evaluated My Processing Statement?

5) Can I Trust My Current Merchant Services Provider?


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