Homestead Outdoor Products Leaves CPN Merchant Services After Only 4 Months


4 months ago a CPN Merchant Services sales rep walks into the Door of Homestead Outdoor Products in New Holland Pa. The manager of operations has heard this pitch all too much. Homestead Outdoor Products has been down this road before. A sales rep comes in the door, promises the world, than fails to deliver.

Reluctant at first, the smooth salesman wins his trust over eventually. The transition process was smooth and they seemed to have found a good merchant services provider finally. 

Flash forward 4 months and Homestead Outdoor Products hears about us, a local Merchant Services provider that can cut their cost and save them over $100.00 a month as well as provide them with local personal support. They were excited to finally deal with someone local and save reall money every month.

 If you have been down this same road one too many times and are looking to cut your cost down, contact us to see how your company can benefit by switching to Dependable Solutions


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