3 Credit Card Options For Small Businesses


If you are a small business merchant, getting started with credit card processing doesn’t have to be complicated. At Dependable Solutions, we offer a wide range of Small Business Credit Card Ptocedsing solutions, each designed to simplify the payment process and save you time and money. Below are just a few simple options that are ideal for small business payment processing.

  1. Virtual terminals. Do you work from home, or deal primarily with mail order and telephone order sales? A virtual terminal allows you to manually enter credit card transactions from any computer with an Internet connection. At the end of the day, you can use batch uploading features to process all of the day’s transactions in a single file, speeding the authorization process and eliminating double data entry.
  2. Mobile credit card processing. With mobile processing you can take your small business on-the-go. The ability to process credit cards from your mobile phone is especially useful for merchants who sell items at people’s homes, at trade shows, festivals, craft fairs, farmers markets and other locations. Mobile processing allows you to accept credit cards, check your account and send receipts directly from your cell phone, with no additional hardware necessary.
  3. Credit card machines. For small business merchants with a brick-and-mortar facility, Dependable Solutions offers advanced credit card processing machines for safe, efficient payment processing. Swipe credit cards securely with PCI compliant features such as End-to-End Encryption (E2EE), which keeps sensitive data safe during transit.

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