TransFirst Merchant Services Takes Advantage Of Business in New Holland Pa


Last year Superior Paint & Collision in New Holland was contacted by TransFirst Merchant Services informing them that they endorsed by the NFIB. TransFirst offered them some savings from their monthly processing statements however they informed them that they cannot use their old equipment. They told them that they would upgrade them to the "Latest Technology." 

They did deliver some savings, but they failed to deliver on the "Latest Technology" in a credit card terminal. They actually just put in the same terminal that they were using.

Dependable Solutions brought this to their attention as well as the high rates and fees they were paying. They were not happy to realize this but we're happy to hear that we could use their old equipment and save them over $2,400 a year in processing fees. 

If you're ready to deal with an upfront and honest business with your credit card processing, contact us today.

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