Business in Ronks Pa Leaves National Penn Merchant Services & Saves $2,100 A Year


Sylvia's Quilts and Crafts is a family owned and operated business that began in 1982, over twenty-five years ago!

Their beautiful handmade quilts and wallhangings can be seen hanging from a clothesline on a sunny day as well as showcased in wide variety inside their shop.

Located in the heart of Amish Lancaster County, they are conveniently close to favorite attractions.

They have processed their credit card sales originally through Hometown Bank. Years ago National Penn Bank acquired Hometown Bank and became a National Penn merchant services.

Not long ago they began talking to Dependable Solutions about saving money on their credit card processing fees. After allowing us to do an analysis of their credit card processing statement, we discovered that we were able to save them over $2000 a year. 

How did we do this? By lowering their rate drastically and by getting rid of numerous miscellaneous fees. 

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