Eye Dr's Office in Warminster Pa Saved $125.00 A Month



Dr Herbert Gieser Jr in Warminster Pa has been serving the community for a number of years. Dr Herbert specializes in routine Eye exams and his customers rave about his personal attention to detail and friendly atmosphere.

Dr Gieser has been processing their Credit Card transactions through M&T Bank for over 6 yrs. He always felt like he could trust them. A few months ago his terminal stopped working properly & after calling his bank they informed him that it would cost over $700 for a new terminal. The feeling of being taken advantage of quickly set in and he wondered if he was getting the best deal.

Around that same time one of our sales reps Doreen Murphy, has been seeing Dr Gieser as her eye doctor since she was 16 years old, started up a conversation about their credit card processing.  

After reviewing their credit card statement, we found that we could save them $125.00 a month totaling $1,500 a year in savings.  

Dr Gieser was floored with this finding. "I felt like I could trust my bank to have our best interest in mind. But I guess I was wrong." We are happy to have his office join the Dependable Solutions family this week and we look forward to a long trusting business relationship. 

 If you want to save money contact us today for more details. 

Office - 717-806-5429

Email - info@dependablesolutions.org