Garage In Willow Street Pa Shocked at PNC Bank



S-K Auto, Tire, & Alignment in Willow Street Pa was shocked to hear from their bank that they have been paying 3.86% in fees since 1999. When they decided a few months ago to take a closer look at their Credit Card Processing fees the discovered that their profits were being hurt by the fees they were paying to PNC Merchant Services.

When they notified their Bank about this they offered to lower the rate to 2.90% but they were going to have to buy new equipment. The cost...... A whopping $850.00 for a new terminal. They told them they would think about it.

Around this time we began our discussions with them and sharing with them the program we offer. They were reluctant to change because they felt like the could trust their bank. They came into a used terminal for free through a friend and when they informed PNC Bank, they were told it would cost the $190.00 to reprogram other equipment! 

Floored again they call our office manager/owner Lily Weidman to set up a meeting with a sales agent to see how they can switch to us. We met with them and brought their overal effective rate down to 1.85% every month & reprogramed their equipment for FREE so they could start saving money immediately.  

If your tired of paying to much or just need a trustworthy person to evaluate your credit card processing statement. Contact us today! 

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