Terms Every Business Owner Should Know




As a business leader and credit card merchant, there are several key terms you should be familiar with when it comes to payment processing and merchant accounts. Below are just a handful of terms that will keep you in the know.

• Address Verification:

A security service in which the merchant verifies the cardholder’s address in order to deter fraudulent transactions, usually during card-not-present transactions like Internet or phone sales.

• Batch:

A single submission of transactions that usually represents a day’s worth of transactions, sent to the merchant account provider through secure payment gateways.

• Card Validation Codes:

A three- or four-digit code located either on the front or back of a credit card, used to authorize validity and detect fraudulent activity. Also known as CVV, CV2 or CVV2, the value is often used during online transactions.

• Issuer:

The bank or association that has issued a credit card to a consumer or business.

• Merchant Account Number:

A number that identifies each merchant, outlet or line of business to the processor for accounting and billing purposes.

• Point of Sale (POS) Terminal:

A device used at merchant locations and connected to the processor’s system via phone lines. POS Terminals authorize, record and transmit data for sales transactions and are often used at retail stores.

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