Slow Terminals Equal Lost Sales

Customers have come to expect speed and accuracy when they reach the checkout line. For businesses that may only have one or two cash registers, this can create a problem when there are a lot of customers and a line starts to form. It doesn’t take too much of a delay, or the perception of a long line, for people to abandon or postpone their purchase for another day.


Don’t let an obsolete credit card terminal slow down your checkout line!

What causes delays? In reality, new technology means that the line at the register has never been faster. Barcode readers, POS systems, and better registers make for quick transactions. Many seasoned store owners are old enough to remember manual cash registers, individually priced items, and the need to punch in the cost of every item by hand. Today, the process is much faster but the average consumer’s perception of time has become skewed by instantaneous buying on the Internet and at big box stores. Giant conglomerates invest millions of dollars in top-tier technology and analysis to make the payment experience fast and efficient.

Luckily, there are ways for small companies to speed up the purchasing process. For example, a credit card terminal with an internet connection is many times faster than one connected to a telephone line. Instead of having to dial, wait for a modem to connect, and get an authorization, an IP terminal can get a lightning-fast approval. LAN-based transactions also have a higher level of security than those done over the phone, since the data has better encryption. Likewise, POS systems that quickly recognize bar codes and total up orders make a big difference.

In the retail world, seconds make a difference in payment processing. Even a slight delay can leave customers questioning the competence of you or your employees while the customer queue increases. Aside from faster equipment, time saving processes and training can help your cashiers accept payments, package items, and retain friendly customer service levels. As a business owner, it may pay to shop the competition to see how your small-business rivals are serving their clients.  At Dependable Solutions, we offer a variety of secure, fast IP terminals and POS solutions in addition to our discounted credit card processing services. As your checkout speed increases, and more customers use debit and credit cards, the additional savings from a less expensive merchant account will be a welcome dividend.

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