A Lancaster City Furniture Store Leaves PNC Merchant Services & Saves $3,000 A Year


We are happy to welcome "Lancaster's Furniture To Go" in Lancaster City Pa to the Dependable Solutions family today! 

Lancaster's Furniture To Go was established in 2005 to offer customers a better alternative to traditional furniture stores. Located in Lancaster County, PA, their store provides a great selection of furniture for every room in your home at prices that are so good, you'll be able to furnish another room for what you would pay somewhere else!!

They figured it out. We want to save money on whatever we purchase so they work on smaller margins than a traditional high-priced store.

They are here to serve your furniture needs by offering the latest styles of furniture with no frills, budget-friendly prices. Their new eCommerce website makes it even easier for you to make your purchase without leaving your home.

So go ahead and browse their new site or visit their storefront location off Manhiem Pike and begin saving money today. 

They have been processing with PNC Merchant Services for the past few years. Jay the owner has had some nitmares in the past when it came to switching merchant services providers however he felt good about Dependable Solutions when he heard of us. 

He particularly liked that we offer wholesale percentage rates with no contract and no need to buy new equipment. After reviewing his PNC statements with him we found that we could save him over $3000 each year in merchant services fees alone. 

 If you own a business and you are interested to see what we could save you in a years time contact us today.

Office: 717-806-5429

Email: info@dependablesolutions.org