Elavon Merchant Services Cost A Wasco Ca Resturant Over $2,000 A Year In Extra Fees


We welcome Hoyett's Sandwitch Shop in Wasco Ca to the Dependable Solutions family today! 

Hoyett's Sandwitch shop has been apart of the Wasco cmunity since 1940! This local establishment offers some of the best sandwiches I have ever tasted. Their Pastrami Sandwitch is by far the best I ever had. They only serve the freshest and the most quality meats they can get their hands on. They also create their own signature sauces that add to the flavor of the sandwiches.

Four years ago when the owner Kevin bought the business he adopted the merchant services account that was through Elavon Merchant Services. He always felt that the cost was too high but never thought much of looking into the other companies that reach out to them about savings. 

However when he heard of Dependable Solutions he was open to have us come in and perform a statement analysis for them. After a detailed analysis was done, we found they Elavon was over charging them by over $2,000 a year in high rates and numerous miscellaneous fees.

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