A Reading Tailoring Business Saves Money With Dependable Solutions


We are happy to welcome JP Tailoring in Reading Pa to the Dependable Solutions Family today. Our brand new sales rep covering the Reading Pa area Josue Tores walked into this establishment who has been servicing the Reading area in its crisp and clean tailoring for the past few years, and struck up a conversation with the owner about their merchant services provider. 

It was brought to his attention that they were processing with World Pay Credit Card Processing. World Pay is a lot like Elavon, Chase Payment Tech and First Data in that it is a very large merchant services company. And I am sure just like the others you can find positive and negative things about them. Which you should do your research when it comes to your credit card processing. 

However when the owner did his own analysis of Dependable Solutions rates vs World Pay rates it was crystal clear that it was a wiser choice to make the switch to Dependable Solutions. 

JP Tailoring now has the benefit of dealing with a local Family Owned and operated business that they can rely on for personal service and top savings that they can put back into their business.

 If you own a business in the Reading Area and would like to have Josue Tores come and see what Dependable Solutions can save your company, contact our office today! 

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