Groff's Candies Leaves National Penn Merchant Services To Save Money


We welcome "Groff's Candies" to the Dependable Solutions family.

Ruth and John Groff grew up in families with a long standing tradition of producing good home made foods. At age 15 (1956), Ruth was allowed to make something to sell at the local Farmer's Market instead of receiving wages for working on the family farm. Her delicious fudge became their specialty.

Today, Groff's Home Made Candies produces a wide variety of home made candies which include fudge, chocolates, and brittles. They also have become well known for their "Sugar Free" chocolates and peanut brittle.

With two locations in Lancaster County One in Lancaster and the other in the Bird-I'm-Hand farmers market, Groff's Candies has developed a loyal customer base thoughout the Northeast.  Known for exeptional taste and friendly Customer Service Groff's Candies has become popular with locals and tourists alike.

Now you too can try some of the best home made chocolates in America.  Order a pound or two and you will see why people drive out of there way for Groff's Candies.


For the past 3 years Groff's Candies has delt with their local bank which is National Penn for their Merchant Services. Much like a lot of people these days, they felt like their bank would give them the best deal when it comes to Merchant Services. And time and time again we find that it's really the opposite.

Groff's Candies reached out to us and wanted to see what we can do to help cut some cost on their Merchant Services. We came in found that they had a 6% overal effective rate! So we gave them a flate low cost rate that lowered their overal effective rate to 2% saving them hundreds of dollars.

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