Lancaster County Pa Campground Saves $3,600 A Year Leaving Elavon Merchant Services


Flory's Campground & Cottages can be found in the heart of Lancaster County PAs Amish country. It has been serving Lancaster County's tourist since 1980. There you can bring your own camper, RV, or they will provide you with nice homey cottage for you to stay in.

They have been using Elevon merchant services (Formally known as Nova) to process their credit card transactions for the last 13 years. But once they lost their rep for many years the customer service began to slack & they started to feel like it was time to look around for a new processor. 

Around that time they began conversations with Dependable Solutions. We see up a time to sit down and do an analysis on the rates and fees. During that process they saw that they were paying over $300.00 extra in fees that they did not need to be paying. 

After calling a few references and talking with their accountant they felt peace with making the switch to Dependable Solutions & in doing so they saved over $3,600 a year in processing fees.

 If you haven't analyzed your merchant services statement in the recent years even in the recent months please give us a call today. We would be happy to go over that information with you.

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