Central Payment Cost Business $6,000 A Year In High Fees


We welcome the volleyball corner and Lancaster PA to the Dependable Solutions family today!

If it is for volleyball, they have it.  Their selection ranges from net systems to shoes and kneepads to volleyballs and everything in between.  They have been proudly serving the volleyball community from their retail store in Lancaster, Pennsylvania since 1986.  To meet all of your needs, they carry a wide selection from top manufacturers such as Asics, Mizuno, Under Armour, Nike, Baden, Molten, Mikasa, Spalding, Wilson, and Tachikara.

For the last three years they have been processing their credit card transactions through Central Payment. Holly Helm one of the owners, would keep a close eye on the fees that would go out every single month associated with the credit card transactions. And she noticed it would cost them anywhere from 3 to 4% in total fees.

Overtime she thought that this was too much to to pay for credit card fees. But she knew in this day & age she had to except credit cards because that is the preferred payment these days.

About a year ago they begin conversations about changing credit card processors. Holli really wanted to deal with someone local so that they would have a local rep to have a face to face interaction who could service them. After looking into Dependable Solutions they felt that it was the right way to go. So we sat down and did a cost analysis for them and found that we would be able to save them over 50% a month on their monthly statement saving them over $6,000 a year and credit card processing fees.

If you are paying over 3% in credit card processing fees contact us today and start saving money! 

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