7 Signs That You're Making Progress As A Business Owner



As a business owner, it may be challenging to know if you're making progress. Besides earning money, there are other tell-tale signs that you have been getting wealthier.

When your business is booming, you may not realize it, but there will be signs that will tell you. These are 7 signs of wealth in your business that I came up with as I reflect on the first 3 yrs of my business. I believe these signs will ensure your prosperity for the years to come.

1. New Friends: As your business is growing, others will ask you to make alliances with them. At first, many of them will not offer good propositions, but after a while, you will be able to make a few deals a year that will be favorable for both parties. You'll also be able to lose some old friends along the way after you see how detrimental their emotional fits can be to your business. 

2. Different Opportunities: Your clients will start to come to you and make suggestions that will improve your business significantly. Not only this, but you will also make room for more business opportunities, which you weren't able to handle in the past. It will give you more income streams as you develop more vehicles on your road to wealth.

3. Referrals: Once you start getting referrals, your business will start taking off. You'll have people selling for you on your behalf if you have exceeded their expectations. If you impressed one person, they will tell 10 people about it and 5 will buy. In short, for every client that you amaze, 5 more will come. Keep getting better at what you do and more people will advocate you and your business. 

4. More Critics: As you're playing the game of business, a few naysayers from the stands will call you out on what they think you aren't doing right. They just want your attention because they cannot do what you do. Jealousy is when they want what you have; Envy is when they can't stand what you have! On the plus side, critics make you do it better, but haters make you do it faster!

5. Strangers Stop Selling You: When I first opened my business, I had random people who wanted to sell me of their social media, website, and other services. Once I realized that I had to search out instead of being a target for searchers, my business skyrocketed because I took more control. Nowadays, I have friends who recommend certain people and I barely have to search hard to find talent.

6. People Ask You For Help: Out of no where, people will start running to you with all kinds of problems and concerns. Because you've been able to deal with yours, they'll think that you can deal with theirs. This is a major sign of progression and wealth. One thing I know for sure is that the ability to deal with conflict is in direct proportion to how wealthy you become. Just look at our society.

7. New Competition: As you move up the food chain, you'll stop looking at the old competition because the new ones will be glaring in your face! It will get rougher, but you'll have more wisdom and understanding in which to deal with them. Their tactics may be harder to deal with, but you'll use appropriate moves to avoid or counter them. If the competition is fair, you'll learn a lot from each other. If it isn't, they'll fail by the time you get to the next level.