3 Quick Tips for Handling an Upset Customer


I have owned my own business since 2012 and have been building a monthly customer base since our start. And with that we have experienced different varieties of customers expressing their frustrations, wether in the right or wrong, It's important to keep composure. Here are a few tips I have put together based on our experience of dealing with over 500 monthly customers. 


1) Be pleasant

This can be tough especially when you feel the customer is wrong or out of line. However you still need to make sure your body language, tone of voice and word choice project a calm demeanor.

2)Be patient

If customers want to vent, let them vent. Proposing a solution too quickly -- even a perfectly viable one -- could leave customers feeling they’re not being heard. “It’s really about showing empathy and being a good listener.”

3) Be professional

Once the customer has had their say, you have a chance to propose a solution or, better, two. If it’s possible to give more than one option to resolve the situation, that is ideal. That’s putting the ball in their court to make a decision on how they want to resolve it