Glenwood Foods Saves Over $20,000 A Year By Switching Processors

We are happy to welcome Glenwood Foods to the Dependable Solutions family!

Glenwood Foods is a Family Owned and operated Discount Grocery Store based in Ephrata Pa. Visit them today to Discover why locally owned and family operated they are the grocery shopping destination for customers who value quality and appreciate savings. 

Unlike some small discount stores that offer only a limited selection of grocery items, Glenwood Foods offers the full range of departments you would expect to find in a supermarket but without their super high prices!

Glenwood Foods felt very comfortable to process the customers credit cards through Santandar Bank until they found out they were paying much higher fees then they should be. 

Amos began conversations with Dependable Solutions after the owner Derek Weidman stepped in to talk with him about what Dependable Solutions could offer. Taking advantage of the DepSol Challenge they found out could save over $20,000 in one year on processing fees. 

 If you think your business is paying to high of fees every month to process Credit Cards, contact us today and take the Depsol Challenge to see how much you can start saving! 

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A Lancaster County Pa Business Finally Finds A Local Family Owned Merchant Services Company


We welcome Weaver's bike shop in Ephrata PA to the Dependable Solutions family today. Weavers bike shop has been servicing the Ephrata area since the 50s. They specialize in Fuji bicycles and Marin mountain bikes. They also offer full-service on all bike models.

Nine years ago when the owner Samuel Weaver started to except credit cards he had a terrible experience with EMPS. He's had nothing but negative experiences since Dealing with Prodigy Payments, Susquehanna Merchant Services, PNC Merchant Services, Certified Payment Processing, and his most recent one Prestige Payment Systems.

He has tried everything to be able to take credit cards for payment in a affordable way but has not had a single positive experience yet. Companies misleading him in miscellaneous fees, misleading him in supposedly free equipment and then it turns out to be a lease, all to which he even thought to stop taking credit cards for payment. 

Samuel began discussions with Dependable Solutions about saving him money but really he was interested in dealing with a local company that he could trust.

 "I never even knew that I could deal with a family owned & operated company with merchant services"Samuel Weaver 

After reviewing his statements and performing an analysis we at Dependable Solutions were able to save him over $1,200 in a years time. 

We at Dependable Solutions are excited to have Weaver's Bike Shop apart of the family and we look forward to servicing him in the years to come. If you find your experience much like Samuels please give us a call today so we can help you have a positive experience with your merchant services provider.

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Susquehanna Bank Merchant Services Over Charges Ephrata Business $1,800 A Year


Ken's Educational Joy's in Ephrata Pa has been providing the area with educational crafts since 1992. This has been personally fulfilling for owner Kenneth Sauder as he sees families coming in and buying crafts they all can enjoy & learn from. 

After Kenneth gave Dependable Solutions the opportunity to look at his credit card fees he was shocked to learn that he could save over $150.00 a month with Dependable Solutions at no upfront cost. Now he can trust that another family operated business is looking out for his businesses well being. 

If you feel your paying too much in Credit Card processing fees, let us at Dependable Solutions take an honest look at what we could do for you. Call us today and ask us about the DepSol Challenge 


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Prodigy Payment Systems Over Charges Business $2,100 For Equipment


Rob’s Rod Shop was founded in 2004 as a part time hobby business.  Their primary service was to assist vehicle owners with restoration or modification of their muscle car era vehicles. 

Today they are a full-time traditional speed shop. They have both a brick and mortar storefront with shop area, as well as their webstore.   

Their focus is on upgrading 1960’s & 1970’s muscle cars, and 1980’s through early 1990’s domestic performance cars and trucks while retaining their original character.  They provide both parts and service on suspension, brakes, ignition, wiring, fuel systems, engine, transmission, and axles.   

Ask them about available upholstery services. 

Rob’s Rod Shop specializes in cars of the former Chrysler Corporation.  Muscle car era GM, Ford, and AMC products are welcomed as well. 

  •  Rob’s Rod Shop is a member of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA). 

  •  Rob’s Rod Shop supports Maple Grove Raceway's Money Trail race series.More Info 

  •  Rob’s Rod Shop was featured in the April-May 2013 issue of Cruising Magazine. More Info 

4 years ago they contacted Prodigy for their Merchant Services needs. They regreted it ever since. Prodigy locked them into a unnecessary long-term lease agreement for their equipment. They pay over $40 a month for 48 months totaling over $2,100 for a machine they could have bought outright for $375.

They now process with Dependable Solutions and are happy to not only deal with a business who is local but also who they can trust to keep their best interest in mind. 

If you would like more information about dependable solutions please contact us today

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Fulton Bank Merchant Services Cost A Paradise Pa Business $10,000 A Year In High Processing Fees


We welcome Amish Trader in Paradise Pa to the Dependable Solutions family today. 

Amish Trader started out working directly with Amish craftsmen and distributing their high quality handcrafted products directly to store owners. They eliminated the middleman with their daily "cash & carry" warehouse and shipping department. This enabled them to offer the best prices thus giving you the edge over your competition. Amish Trader now distributes all the items displayed on their site plus an expanded line of country, primitives, fence, garden items and gifts from around the world.

The Amish Trader warehouse is in Paradise, PA, in the heart of the Amish country (Lancaster, PA) located half way between Philadelphia and Harrisburg. We encourage you to visit this beautiful part of Pennsylvania and stroll the aisles of their store while on your vacation.

Amish Trader Distribution is a wholesale ONLY business so be sure to bring your business credentials.

If you have any questions CALL THEM (717) 442-4141

About a year ago we begin our discussins with the owner Gill concerning their credit card processing fees. After Gill got over his feeling of commitment to his local bank Fulton Bank he sat down with us to do an analysis of his monthly statement. In doing so he learned that Fulton Bank Merchant Services was charging them over $10,000 a year in high unescssary fees after making the switch to Dependable Solutions.

 If you would like to see if Dependable Solutions can save your business money contact us today. 

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Yoder Industries Saves Over $1,200 A Year After Leaving EMPS Merchant Services


Yoder Industries, LLC located in Leola Pa specializes in precision cutting services. Since 1994, they have been advancing their technology to meet their expanding customer base. In addition to their laser cutting machines, they now have a 5-axis water jet which allows them to add edge bevels up to 60 degrees. Their warehouse is well-stocked with raw materials to facilitate customer service. They can cut a variety of materials from .010 to 6 inches thick, including:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Rubber
  • Foam
  • Plastics

Their multi-axis brake press will put the finishing touch on your parts. Whether you need one part or thousands, Yoder Industries can provide you with precision parts. They are dedicated to providing quality parts at competitive prices in a timely manner to put you on the cutting edge.

Contact them today for a free estimate on your next laser or water jet cutting job.

EMPS has been handling their credit card processing needs for the past few years. After we contacted them about our rates and fees they were interested in having us come in and see what savings we could drum up.

After the review we found that we can save them over $1,200 a year in processing fees. EMPS was charging them $14.95 to process through the First Data Gateway. Where our cost as an ISO is only $4.95. After reviewing that with them they decided to buy 2 machines that would ready for the EMV cards that are coming out soon eliminating that $14.95 charge as well as multiple high rates and fees.  

 If you feel like your business is being charged too much in processing fees, contact us today for a free analysis.

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Central Payment Cost Business $6,000 A Year In High Fees


We welcome the volleyball corner and Lancaster PA to the Dependable Solutions family today!

If it is for volleyball, they have it.  Their selection ranges from net systems to shoes and kneepads to volleyballs and everything in between.  They have been proudly serving the volleyball community from their retail store in Lancaster, Pennsylvania since 1986.  To meet all of your needs, they carry a wide selection from top manufacturers such as Asics, Mizuno, Under Armour, Nike, Baden, Molten, Mikasa, Spalding, Wilson, and Tachikara.

For the last three years they have been processing their credit card transactions through Central Payment. Holly Helm one of the owners, would keep a close eye on the fees that would go out every single month associated with the credit card transactions. And she noticed it would cost them anywhere from 3 to 4% in total fees.

Overtime she thought that this was too much to to pay for credit card fees. But she knew in this day & age she had to except credit cards because that is the preferred payment these days.

About a year ago they begin conversations about changing credit card processors. Holli really wanted to deal with someone local so that they would have a local rep to have a face to face interaction who could service them. After looking into Dependable Solutions they felt that it was the right way to go. So we sat down and did a cost analysis for them and found that we would be able to save them over 50% a month on their monthly statement saving them over $6,000 a year and credit card processing fees.

If you are paying over 3% in credit card processing fees contact us today and start saving money! 

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Elavon Merchant Services Cost A Wasco Ca Resturant Over $2,000 A Year In Extra Fees


We welcome Hoyett's Sandwitch Shop in Wasco Ca to the Dependable Solutions family today! 

Hoyett's Sandwitch shop has been apart of the Wasco cmunity since 1940! This local establishment offers some of the best sandwiches I have ever tasted. Their Pastrami Sandwitch is by far the best I ever had. They only serve the freshest and the most quality meats they can get their hands on. They also create their own signature sauces that add to the flavor of the sandwiches.

Four years ago when the owner Kevin bought the business he adopted the merchant services account that was through Elavon Merchant Services. He always felt that the cost was too high but never thought much of looking into the other companies that reach out to them about savings. 

However when he heard of Dependable Solutions he was open to have us come in and perform a statement analysis for them. After a detailed analysis was done, we found they Elavon was over charging them by over $2,000 a year in high rates and numerous miscellaneous fees.

If you own a business and would like to see how much Dependable Solutions can save your business, contact us today.

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Capital One Merchant Services Cost A Pottstown Business Hundreds Of Dollars In Extra Fees


We welcome Robert Roland Autosales in Pottstown PA to the Dependable Solutions family! 

Robert Roland Auto Sales is your one stop place where you can buy a quality used car, have any of your notary needs met, and rent a reliable car.  


You will be greatest by friendly & knowledgable staff who will direct you in the right direction and answer any questions you may have. If your in the Pottstown area and have any auto needs, go see Robert & His staff.

Robert was processing their credit card transactions through Capital One Merchant Sercices. When we first walked in his office he was satisfied with them. But after he have us the opportunity to perform an analysis of his fees, he quickly found out that he was paying too much in fees. 

With Dependable Solutions he was able to get off a tiered program and onto a cost-plus program with no transaction fees, batch fees or any other nonsense miscellaneous fees. By doing this Robert was able to save his company over $1,000 in a years time. 

 If you own a business and you would like to see what Dependable Solutions can save you in a years time contact us today

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A Lancaster City Furniture Store Leaves PNC Merchant Services & Saves $3,000 A Year


We are happy to welcome "Lancaster's Furniture To Go" in Lancaster City Pa to the Dependable Solutions family today! 

Lancaster's Furniture To Go was established in 2005 to offer customers a better alternative to traditional furniture stores. Located in Lancaster County, PA, their store provides a great selection of furniture for every room in your home at prices that are so good, you'll be able to furnish another room for what you would pay somewhere else!!

They figured it out. We want to save money on whatever we purchase so they work on smaller margins than a traditional high-priced store.

They are here to serve your furniture needs by offering the latest styles of furniture with no frills, budget-friendly prices. Their new eCommerce website makes it even easier for you to make your purchase without leaving your home.

So go ahead and browse their new site or visit their storefront location off Manhiem Pike and begin saving money today. 

They have been processing with PNC Merchant Services for the past few years. Jay the owner has had some nitmares in the past when it came to switching merchant services providers however he felt good about Dependable Solutions when he heard of us. 

He particularly liked that we offer wholesale percentage rates with no contract and no need to buy new equipment. After reviewing his PNC statements with him we found that we could save him over $3000 each year in merchant services fees alone. 

 If you own a business and you are interested to see what we could save you in a years time contact us today.

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Hardware Store In Ephrata Pa Leaves GD-Pay To Deal With A Local Company


We are Happy to welcome Sensenig Hardware Store in Ephrata Pa to the Dependable Solutions family today! 

Located in the heart of the farmlands of PA Dutch country, Sensenig Hardware has been faithfully serving locals of Ephrata, New Holland and the surrounding communities since 1941.

With their promise of "You'll Find It Here" Sensenig Hardware is an authentic country store that combines a full range of traditional and specialized departments with friendly and knowledgeable customer service.

They had been using GD-Pay for their merchant services in the years past. But when they heard about Dependable Solutions and how they can have a local family-owned and operated business take care of their merchant services needs, they were quickly interested. 

After doing their homework and checking up on Dependable Solutions they found that we are a reputable company with our customer base. They contacted some of our customers and we're happy to hear that all of them gave us a great recommendation. 

We were able to come in and lower their cost as well as provide them with that local support but every business desires. If you want a business and you would like that same type of support and savings give us a call today. 

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Groff's Candies Leaves National Penn Merchant Services To Save Money


We welcome "Groff's Candies" to the Dependable Solutions family.

Ruth and John Groff grew up in families with a long standing tradition of producing good home made foods. At age 15 (1956), Ruth was allowed to make something to sell at the local Farmer's Market instead of receiving wages for working on the family farm. Her delicious fudge became their specialty.

Today, Groff's Home Made Candies produces a wide variety of home made candies which include fudge, chocolates, and brittles. They also have become well known for their "Sugar Free" chocolates and peanut brittle.

With two locations in Lancaster County One in Lancaster and the other in the Bird-I'm-Hand farmers market, Groff's Candies has developed a loyal customer base thoughout the Northeast.  Known for exeptional taste and friendly Customer Service Groff's Candies has become popular with locals and tourists alike.

Now you too can try some of the best home made chocolates in America.  Order a pound or two and you will see why people drive out of there way for Groff's Candies.


For the past 3 years Groff's Candies has delt with their local bank which is National Penn for their Merchant Services. Much like a lot of people these days, they felt like their bank would give them the best deal when it comes to Merchant Services. And time and time again we find that it's really the opposite.

Groff's Candies reached out to us and wanted to see what we can do to help cut some cost on their Merchant Services. We came in found that they had a 6% overal effective rate! So we gave them a flate low cost rate that lowered their overal effective rate to 2% saving them hundreds of dollars.

 If you would like to see what Dependable Solutions can do for your business when it comes to your Merchant Sercices, Contact Us Today!

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TSYS Merchant Solutions Takes Advantage Of Downingtown Garage For 4 yrs


We welcome Phillips Automotive & Performance in Downingtown Pa to the Dependable Solutions family today. 

Phillips Automotive and Performance, is owned and operated by Mike Phillips, an ASE-certified master technician. He is also a certified master technician with multiple manufacturers, including Nissan and Hyundai. With over 16 years’ experience in the automotive field, Mike has been the head technician for both independent vehicle repair shops and dealerships.

In 2010, Mike was tired of working in the typical dealership environment that encourages technicians to sell unwarranted work. He opened Phillips Automotive and Performance, with the promise to always stay honest to his customers and maintain a family owned, mom-and-pop-style business yet continue to provide quality work that is above and beyond the industry standard.

Since then, Mike has expanded the shop with two more ASE-certified technicians. Altogether, the technicians at Phillips Automotive and Performance, have a combined 73+ years of experience in the automotive industry. In their 4,000-square-foot building, they service all manufacturers’ vehicles, from cars, trucks (light, medium, and heavy duty), motorcycles, and trailers.

Their slogan is “We Do It All.” Not only are they a 100% full-service auto-repair shop, they are also a full fabrication, welding, and performance shop. Their performance shop, which builds custom hot rods and racecars and performs full fabrication of all types, from aluminum-body rods to tube-chassis racecars, is also located at their Downingtown location. 

Four years ago when they opened Mike was not sure exactly who to go with to process credit cards. TSYS Merchant Solutions reached out to Mike and pitched him a good pitch that sounded good at the time so he signed up. Little did he know that he was going to pay over 3% every month to processing fees. Also the credit card terminal they leased them for $52 a month was a Nurit 8400 which retails for only $120.00. This means they paid $2,496 for a $120 terminal. 

Last year we began talking to Mike about our program. And when their contract was up with TSYS Mike contacted Dependable Solutions to come in and see what we could do for them. 

In return we found that we could save them $200.00 a month in processing fees totaling up to $2,400 a year and eliminating their lease payment by selling them a brand new Verifone VX 520 for only $479.00. This terminal is EMV ready and fully compatible to take their business to the next level. 

If you find yourself in a similar situation and your looking for help. Contact us today & start saving money!

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Manheim Business Saves $1,500 a year leaving Sage Payment Solutions


We want to welcome Badorf Shoe Company in Manheim Pa to the Dependable Solutions family today.  

Badorf Shoe Company has been producing and distributing the finest children’s footwear brands since 1928. Yes, I said 1928! Badorf Shoe Company was started in Lititz, PA, by brothers Norman and Paul Badorf. The company was owned and operated by the Badorf family for nearly 40 years until its purchase by Ura Gingerich in 1967. Forty six years later, the family tradition has continued and the company is now operated by Ura’s son Duane Gingerich and grandsons, Justin and Brandon Gingerich.

Justin Gingerich came in contact with Dependable Solutions through a business relationship he had. He was open to have Dependable Solutions to evaluate his Merchant Services statement to see if any savings could be had.

For years they worked with Sage Payment Solutions because that is who they used for their office online platform software. However when they opened their retail location and a e-comerce site, they were looking for a one stop shop platform to take their company to the next level.

Not only did Dependable Solutions save them over $1,500 a year in processing fees, they were able to provide a one stop shop for all aspects of their business. Dependable Solutions was able to reprogram their current terminal in their retail shop as well as handle their office sales and e-commerce sales all on one portal. This made the switch not only make sense financially but also in the sense of maintaining their office sales while building their presence online.

 If you own a business that has multiple avenues of Merchant Services and you're looking for a one stop shop. Contact Dependable Solutions today!

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A Reading Tailoring Business Saves Money With Dependable Solutions


We are happy to welcome JP Tailoring in Reading Pa to the Dependable Solutions Family today. Our brand new sales rep covering the Reading Pa area Josue Tores walked into this establishment who has been servicing the Reading area in its crisp and clean tailoring for the past few years, and struck up a conversation with the owner about their merchant services provider. 

It was brought to his attention that they were processing with World Pay Credit Card Processing. World Pay is a lot like Elavon, Chase Payment Tech and First Data in that it is a very large merchant services company. And I am sure just like the others you can find positive and negative things about them. Which you should do your research when it comes to your credit card processing. 

However when the owner did his own analysis of Dependable Solutions rates vs World Pay rates it was crystal clear that it was a wiser choice to make the switch to Dependable Solutions. 

JP Tailoring now has the benefit of dealing with a local Family Owned and operated business that they can rely on for personal service and top savings that they can put back into their business.

 If you own a business in the Reading Area and would like to have Josue Tores come and see what Dependable Solutions can save your company, contact our office today! 

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A&B Sales & Service In Gordonville Re- Opens In New Location


A&B Sales and Services in Gordonville Pa has been a family and operated business for a number of years. For the last 15 years they worked out of their home farm. After their Son Merv Bieler took over the business this past year, he looked to expand the business. 

They found a location located at 303 Queen Road Gordonville, PA 17529, just south of Intercourse. They remodeled the inside of the building, stocked it with inventory and had an open house earlier this month.

They are a authorized reseller for STIHL and they specialize in servicing your small engine lawnmowers and weed trimmers as well as selling new mowers, trimmers, blowers, and chainsaw's.

Looking to get set up to except credit card for payment, they contacted Dependable Solutions. Where we were happy to come in get them set up at a affordable price.  

 If you own a business and are looking to cut cost on your credit card processing fees contact us today. Also If your business and you does not except credit cards yet for payment contact us today to have a free consultation to see how we can help you get set up. 

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Pottstown Business Saves $2,600 A Year By Leaving Merchant Wearhouse Processing


Performance Specialties, Inc. is a full service high performance speed shop located in downtown Pottstown, PA. They have been in business for over 20 years. Performance Specialties, Inc. specializes in custom performance upgrades in addition to general service work and PA inspections.

They sell & install Superchargers, Turbochargers, NOS, Heads, Cams, Custom Exhausts, Gears, Hypertech Chips and much, much, more.

Performance Specialties, Inc came in contact with Dependable Solutions not too long ago. They asked us to come in to perform an analysis of their credit card processing fees. To their surprise Merchant Warehouse Processing was overcharging them by $200 a month.

Performance Specialties, Inc
made the switch to Dependable Solutions and is saving over $2,600 in a years time. 


If you own a business and you would like to see if Dependable Solutions can save your money, contact us today! 

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Esh Handmade Quilts Joins The Dependable Solutions Family


Esh Handmade Quilts brings to you the ancient art of quilting into the 21st century with an array of authentic, primitive-style linens.  Their linens are painstakingly woven in one of the last surviving textile mills in the USA, using time-honored, classic weaving techniques and hand-woven details. This family owned and operated business makes good use of old, outdated power looms, though the setups are still painstakingly done by hand.

For the past 4 years owner Jacob Esh has had to monthly stay on top of Crescent Processing Systems. He would find numerous miscellaneous fees creeping into his statement. After this exhausteing process was coming to an end with the contract coming to close he felt it was time to make the switch to Dependable Solutions. A number of his friends quilt shops already use Dependable Solutions and recommended he switch to us.

after performing analysis on his credit card processing statement, we found that we can save them an average of $85 a month. Esh handmade quilts was very excited to make the switch and deal with another local company.

 If you are a business owner and you would like to see if we could save your company money contact us today


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Business in Ronks Pa Leaves National Penn Merchant Services & Saves $2,100 A Year


Sylvia's Quilts and Crafts is a family owned and operated business that began in 1982, over twenty-five years ago!

Their beautiful handmade quilts and wallhangings can be seen hanging from a clothesline on a sunny day as well as showcased in wide variety inside their shop.

Located in the heart of Amish Lancaster County, they are conveniently close to favorite attractions.

They have processed their credit card sales originally through Hometown Bank. Years ago National Penn Bank acquired Hometown Bank and became a National Penn merchant services.

Not long ago they began talking to Dependable Solutions about saving money on their credit card processing fees. After allowing us to do an analysis of their credit card processing statement, we discovered that we were able to save them over $2000 a year. 

How did we do this? By lowering their rate drastically and by getting rid of numerous miscellaneous fees. 

If you're a business owner and you would like to see if we can do the same for your business contact us today

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Kimrik Landscape Design Joins Dependable Solutions And Saves over $1,200 A Year


Kimrik Landscape Design in Lancaster Pa joins the Dependable Solutions family today and saves over $100.00 a month in processing fees. 

Kimrik Landscaping Design opened in 1986 and is a family owned and operated business. They take great pride in family values, providing top-notch customer service and providing the local community with High Quality products.

Since the beginning if their business they always delt with their bank PNC for their merchant services needs. They came into contact with Dependable Solutions and they were open to have us come in and do a analysis on their statement.

To their surprise they were paying over $1,200 a year in added fees. They were very excited to make the switch to Dependable Solutions and would recommend our services to any business owner small or large.

If you would be interested in seeing what Dependable Solutions can do for your business. Contact us today! 

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