We stand alone when it comes to the efforts put in to taking care of our merchants no matter how big or small. Being in an industry where the merchants are at the mercy of the processors hidden fees, complex statements and sometimes even raising of rates. we have made it our absolute purpose to protect and serve you with complete honesty and integrity. We believe that by treating our merchants this way they will gain confidence in the fact that we are watching their statements and processing. We know when you trust and believe that we have your best interest at heart you're going to be with us for a long time. 

We easily beat the Banks and processors that are taking advantage of merchants by charging hundreds even thousands of dollars for credit card terminals, locking them into long-term agreements, over-charging on rates, and no personalized service.


When you partner with Dependable Solutions, you can count on our commitment to maintaining high levels of security for each of our merchant processing products. We’ll help protect your customers and your business from the increasing complexities of electronic theft and credit card fraud, so that you reduce costs and liability while improving revenue. Our complete line of PCI compliant merchant services meets the highest standards of payment security.